Master's Degree in Physics


To prepare the exame “FORMAZIONE SICUREZZA NEI LUOGHI DI LAVORO AI SENSI DEL D.LGS.81/2008 E S.M.I.” the student is required to follow these steps:

  • Study the 7 online lessons which require a minimum of 30 minutes per lesson of active presence on the platform;

  • Once concluded a lesson it will be possible to access the following on;

  • Undertake the two final online exams on the platform, one regard the general training and a second one regarding the specialized one.

  • Download the two certificates.

The course is available at this link and can be access using username and password of the university e-mail account.

Registration of the exam

Once downloaded the certificates the student will have to notify the e-mail address to have the exam registred online.



Dott.ssa Elena Bellettini 
E-mail -

Technical help dek

Dott. Filippo Carnevali